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Full name: Dang Xuan Thuy

姓名: 邓春水

Date of birh: 20/12/1967

出生日期: 1967年12 月20日

Sexual: Male

性别: 男

Marital status: married

婚姻状况                 : 已婚

Addres: Hanoi- Tayho Distreet, Thuykhue Ward, Thuykhue Street, 282 Alley No 17.

地址                         :河内首都 - 西湖郡 - 瑞溪 -282 小路 -17 号

Identity card number: 031491294                 Passport  No: B 1498219

身份证                      :031491294/                护照号      : B1498219

Mobile No                : 0972051480 & 01663602837

Email                          : xuan  &

电子信箱                 : xuan &


Training processes: In Quangninh From 1986 to 1987 studied for the economic managenment training cource of primary level at Brigade 405, Military Zone III.

培训过程:1986 年到1987 年在广宁省- 坦克一405 单位学经济管理初级

From 1987 to 1989.Finished technical workmanship level at workshop 56 - Military Zone III - Chilinh Distreet - Haiduong Province.

1987 年到 1999 在海阳省 - 志灵县,军区三号-厂56 号学中等机械

From 1995 to 1999 Academic Professional English Language National University – (VNU).

1995 年到1999 年在海防市学河内国家大学-师范外语大学专英语。

From 1995 to 1999 Academic Professional Chinese Language National University – (VNU).


ảnh chụp làm việc với đối tác châu âu

Other educations: 2008 studied  blast furnace special course in China, get its certificate.

另类培训: 2008年过中国学炼铁工艺-获得专业证明书

/Expierience /工作过程

1/ 1993 to 2002 work as technician at Vinapipe steel Co-operation – Haiphong Quantoan

从1993 到2002 年当技术人员在海防市-管段坊- 越南铁管总公司

2/ 2002 to 2007 as Assistant Vice General Director at Chinhuie Plastic Industries Company Haiphong Kienthuy - Chinese interpreter concurrent post.

从2002 年到2007 年 在海防市见瑞县 – 台湾独资进辉塑胶股份有限公司 当副总经理的助理兼中文翻译

3/ 2007 to 2008 as Deputy chief of bureau of material Departmnet at Dinhvu steel stock company - Haiphong Dinhvu

从2007 年到2008 年 在海防市- 海岸郡-在亭武钢股份公司当采购副科长

4/ 2008 to 2009 as Assistant General Director at Dinhvu steel stock company – Haiphong Dinh vu

在海防市- 海岸郡-在亭武钢股份公司当总经理的助理

5/ 2009 to 2012 as Deputy General Director of Dongbac Mineral and trading construction stock company in Hanoi - Tuliem Distreet - Mydinh II.

从2009- 2012,在河内市慈莲县美亭二区当东北矿产与贸易建筑股份公司经营对外副总经理

Foreign language allway used Chinese and English.

常用外语: 中文,  英语

6/ Date 11/05/2012 Establish Haianh Tradico., JSC

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